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Free E-book: 
Get Time Back
on Your Side

The 6 New Mindsets You Need to Overcome

Time Anxiety


I'm Sarah

I help busy women make time for what matters most.

Whether you're hoping to grow closer to God, to live more mindfully, to parent more intentionally, or to carve out more time for rest and play, I'm here to help you make the most of your time! As a busy wife and mom to two, a graduate student, an author, and a speaker, I know what it's like to feel limited by the 24 hours we have in each day. It's easy to grow anxious about the way we're spending our time, so I've compiled 6 mindset shifts into this free e-book to help you overcome the anxiety that is preventing you from living your life to the full!

This E-book Will Help You To


Replace unhelpful mindsets about time with healthier ones


Reflect upon your own beliefs about time


Enjoy your time instead of constantly managing it

What People Say

I found this book to offer so much wisdom, hope, joy, and truth.

Haley, NM

It's about time!

Pinpoint your priorities

Ditch the overwhelm

Embrace rest

If you've ever said:

There's not enough time in the day...

Everything is urgent!

I should have...

I never have enough time for ME

This day was a waste.

I skipped my quiet time with God...again.

Then this is for you!

Yes, I want to get the free e-book,
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