Starved for happiness

No one sets out to be a miserable mom, but sometimes that’s how we end up. When my boys were younger, I was convinced that motherhood should be hard and that happiness was for a different stage of life. When did life become a series of tasks to check off a list, a never-ending parade of responsibility? Where did all the fun go and how old do the kids need to be before it comes back? Secrets of the Happy Mama's Soul will show you how to reclaim happiness on your journey of motherhood.


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Happiness is a spiritual practice

Sometimes we tend to focus mostly on the hard parts of motherhood: our disappointment, our anger, our resentment, our exhaustion. It can be easy to forget that beauty, delight, play, and rest are spiritual practices that bring us closer to God. Easier still to write off happiness as unattainable, unimportant, selfish and not spiritual. But over the years, I’ve learned that my own happiness is important and even worthy of pursuit.

I share what I've learned in Secrets of the Happy Mama's Soul!

"I appreciated Sarah's blend of authentic storytelling and practical strategies. I have no doubt that each mom will pick up at least one thing they can apply to find more fulfillment in their motherhood journey."
- Jen B. 


Take a peek inside

In this compilation of 15 short chapters, I share what I've learned about cultivating happiness in my own journey of motherhood. Take a peek at some of the topics included inside!

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Ready to be a happier mom?

We can acknowledge the hard parts of being a mom while still pursuing happiness. We can accept the difficult moments and grab hold of happier ones as we tune our eyes toward our Creator, the giver of all good gifts. In cultivating a happy soul, we develop a posture of gratitude and delight, an act of faith in a world bent towards cynicism and despair.

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