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Designed With
You in Mind

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This self-paced course has 6 videos and 10 supplemental printable resources that will help busy women connect with God on a deeper level through soul practices, prayer, Scripture, and service to others.


Take the Connections Quiz to discover in what area you need to connect with God the most. Then make your way to the right module for engaging videos and practical takeaways that will empower you on your journey of walking with God.

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Live Your Spiritual Life
With Intention

You’ll walk away with practical tools that will empower and equip you to love God and others more and more.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of what kind of connection you need with God in THIS season of YOUR life.

You’ll identify the barriers in your way to a deeper faith and discover which spiritual practice you need to overcome them.

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Go from Knowing
About God to Experiencing God

It’s time to take ourselves seriously as women of faith, because how you know God and what you believe about God impacts your family, your church, and your personal life.

I won’t promise that this course will change your life. That’s between you and the Holy Spirit. But I can show you how to cultivate daily rhythms of spiritual practices, even in the midst of a busy life.

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Step into your highest calling

Our highest calling as Christians isn’t what we do to serve God in our lifetime, but rather, it’s to cultivate our relationship with Him—which cannot happen unless we take the time to know Him.


This course is best for women who:

  • want to grow deeper in their faith but feel like they don't have time.

  • struggle with the traditional model of "quiet time."

  • need new and fresh ways to connect with God.

  • long to grow closer to God and others outside of a traditional church setting.

  • want to cultivate regular habits of faith.

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